Short Course Racing

Short course RC racing is an event in which all the racers attempt to get the most number of laps in a set time. This winner of the race is not the one who reaches the finishing line first but the racer that completes the most laps in the given time

Most races are free for WMARCC members; non-members will be asked to pay $5 per class per race day to participate. To be counted for season points, you will need a Trackmate transponder. If you do not own one you can buy or rent one from the race master.

Below is the 2023 schedule, expected classes and rules for this year’s racing is below. Please note: schedule, classes, and rules subject to change. Be sure to check the Facebook group for up to the minute information.


At this point in time, there are not a scheduled/planned racing season. If you would like to become the race master for the season, reach out to the club president via the facebook group page.


Below are the classes that we expect to run weekly. If 3 or more of the same vehicle type show up a class will be added.

  • Novice
  • 2wd Short Cource
  • 4wd Short Course
  • Stadium Trucks
  • 1/10 scale buggy
  • 1/8 scale buggy

2S battery maximum unless otherwise allowed by race master.